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April 5, 2021

Program Launched to Help Small Businesses Land Contracts

A program is introducing to diversifying its contracts and prioritize local businesses. Our city’s Public Works Department, which awards some $4 billion in public contracts each year, is in charge of a free six-week seminar to help local businesses secure contracts.

Program: Construction Academy

Moreover, learning how to bid on construction contacts, participants in San Jose’s “Construction Academy” have the chance to build new bridges, wastewater treatment facilities and a new police training facility.

Equitable Contracting Opportunities

In fact, leading the city’s Small Business Advisory Task Force, vice Mayor Chappie Jones, said the program will create more fair contracting opportunities and keep the wealth in the local economy.

Helping the Small Business Community

“In fact, my plan is for this to be continuing. Thereby, institutionalize it where it’s a permanent part of how we do business,” Jones said. “The utmost goal is to help our small business community, our minority business community, win these contracts, in turn, grow their businesses. In fact, then to ultimately gather wealth that’s going to benefit them. As well as their employees, their families, and their communities.”

A Small Percentage of City Contracts Went to Small Businesses

However, local businesses were awarding 28% of the dollars. Moreover, last year, only 6% of city contracts went to small businesses.

Small and minority-owned businesses are getting a voice through the city’s task force advocates. This is to land contracts by gathering data to show inequities. Thus, recommending that larger projects are paring down into small contracts to giving local, small businesses a shot.

Registration for the Program

The “Construction Academy” seminar series runs from May 5 to June 16 from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. To register, go to www.sanjoseca.gov/constructionacademy. The deadline to register for the program is April 30.

The upcoming seminars will also be translating into Spanish and Vietnamese upon request, Jones said.

To see the city’s contract job offerings, visit its bidding page.

March 17, 2021

The Capital of Silicon Valley “15-Minute City” Concept

The Capital of Silicon Valley has new projects. Moreover, they are reconfiguring the municipality’s urban core as a “15-minute city” that can flourish in the Corona Virus era. However, giving people the ability to live, work, play and enjoy their leisure time within a compact area is the goal of the project.

Capital of Silicon Valley: Cutting-Edge City

The point is to transform Downtown San Jose into this kind of cutting-edge city. Those development endeavors such as those proposing and crafting by Google. Westbank-Gary Dillabough team, Jay Paul Co., and Urban Catalyst are part of the development endeavors.

Capital of Silicon Valley: A Local Reality Come True

Moreover, the experts at Lendlease are working with SITELAB urban Studio are working together on projects. They developing in Downtown San Jose and other parts of Silicon Valley. Thereby, making the 15-minute city a local reality. Lendlease is a developer working with Google on many projects. SITELAB urban studio is a well-known urban design firm.

“Moreover, like many other cities, San Jose has its pockets of vibrancy. In fact, this is where not much is happening,” said Rob Deck. Therefore, he is a Lendlease executive who is the real estate company’s head of development for Google ventures. “However, San Jose is a very interesting city. “Moreover, we would like to create a 15-minute city in the areas where we are developing.”

Therefore, Google’s transit-accented neighborhood, Downtown West, is supposed to have all the components of a 15-minute city, according to Laura Crescimano, a principal executive and co-founder with SITELAB urban studio.

Easy Access to Everything in One Area

“However, everything you need is within 15 minutes of where you live,” Crescimano said. “Your house, your work, shopping, dining, parks, entertainment, playgrounds, you can walk or take a bike, and be there within 15 minutes.”

Moreover, some experts say, the 15-minute city, started in 2020 with Carlos Moreno, a France-based professor and a Paris City Hall envoy for small cities.

“In fact, contained in a compact area, the quarter-hour city, or the half-hour territory is in a semi- or low-density area, with exhilarating proximity, with availability for everyone at all times,” Moreno wrote in his blog.

February 25, 2021

Capital of Silicon Valley Tech Campus could Sprout at Fry’s Site

Capital of Silicon Valley says seven office buildings could sprout up thereby creating a huge new tech hub on the site of a long-time Fry’s Electronics store. This is according to detailed new plans filed with city officials.

Development of a Campus of Millions

Moreover, the development could create a campus of millions of square feet near the interchange of Interstate 880 and East Brokaw Road. This is the San Jose plans is disclosed.

Capital of Silicon Valley Plans

“A new office campus development of up to 2 million square feet is the proposal,” according to plans. They could from an affiliate controlled by Campbell-based Bay West Development.

Capital of Silicon Valley Fry’s Electronics Building

Moreover, there is an existing Fry’s Electronics building that totals 858,200 square feet. The city plans state.

The building is a Mayan theme and a design to resemble parts of the main temple at the Chichen Itza site. This is on the Yucatan Peninsula is what is featuring at the north San Jose Fry’s store.

However, the consumer electronics store would be bulldozing within the existing structures on the site. Moreover, the planning documents show.

Tech Campus Development Proposal

Moreover, the tech campus development proposal is going ahead at the time when Fry’s Electronics does face a future in which online shopping will continue to grow in popularity. This is a structural shift that has rocked brick-and-mortar stores.

Unleased by the COVID-19 pandemic are economic uncertainities. They have increased the pressure on retailers, including Fry’s.

Moreover, there are Santa Clara County property records that indicate, through an affiliate, Bay West has an ownership interest in the Fry’s parcel.

Thereby, the building proposing for the campus would be eight stories high. The planning documents state. Moreover, two parking garages would be part of the project.

However, the project is expecting to be put together in three or four phases, according to the development proposal.

February 5, 2021

BART Station is Taking Parking Away From New Buildings

BART system may have because of COVID-19 caused many of the riders off but it has done not a thing to slow down the transit agency’s efforts to take away housing construction on property it owns throughout the Bay Area.

BART Station Activity and Apartment Residents

Moreover, the resident has moved into the new apartments towering above the MacArthur BART station. In fact, the crews are busy at work building a new housing, office, hotel, and retail complex at Millbrae stop. Now, a developer is drawing up plans for hundreds of units mere steps from the El Cerrito Plaza station.

Public Transportation System and Housing Crisis Collide Uncomfortably

The public transportation system and the Bay Area’s housing is hot-button issue because of the push for new development. It dives both headlong into thorny politics. There are also familiar debates between neighbors. This is over the size and density of new buildings. In fact, the projects have also prompted worries among some BART commuters. This is because they think the new developments will come at the expense of coveted parking spaces. In fact, much of BART’s land is currently dedicated to station parking lots.

Apartment Units Under Construction

There almost 1,000 units currently under construction on the BART property with another 2,000 in the planning process. In fact, those are just the beginning. Therefore, the transit system wants to boost production and build about 14,000 more units over the next two decades. In fact, none of those figures include the many other developments on privately owned land near BART stations.

BART is going to come back and people are going to want to live near transit. That is the belief in the long term, said Abigail Thorne-Lyman, the manager of BART’s development program.

Incentives for BART

In this development boom, there are plenty of incentives for BART. Thousands of new neighbors they bring to stations are likely to be frequent riders. In fact, the projects are meant to increase ridership. Taking in $2.2 million, BART makes money from the developments, this fiscal year from ground leases it has in place so far.

January 18, 2021

Barack Obama Boulevard is a Newly Named Street

Barack Obama Boulevard is the new addition to San Jose’s Streets. The announcement recently made by Mayor Liccardo who was joined by Vice Mayor Chappie Jones, members of the Barack Obama Boulevard Committee. 

Barack Obama Boulevard Proposal

The Barack Obama Boulevard Committee and aided by Mayor Liccardo and Vice Mayor Jones originated a proposal to rename portions of Bird Avenue, South Montgomery Street, South Autumn Street, and North Autumn Street to Barack Obama Boulevard. It was unanimously approving at a recent council meeting. In fact, renaming this prominent portion of San Jose’s street will honor the service, leadership, and legacy of the 44th President.

Former President’s Legacy

In fact, different messages to each of us are what the legacy of President Barack Obama to the millions of children, a promise of America’s limitless possibility, to those with greying hair, a symbol of progress along the big arc from the nation’s history of racial injustice, said Mayor Liccardo.

Moreover, Barack Obama represented a model of leadership that rose above the petty politics of the moment. This is from my own first meeting with the then-Senator. He lifted the gaze of an entire nation in its most bleak moments. In fact, we hope that his legacy will inspire future generation as he has inspired our own. The many community members have urged that we name this street.

A Pioneer and Great Leader

Former President Obama’s accomplishments are well renowned. So the renaming celebrates these valuable assets he gave to grateful Americans during his tenure in the White House. It included universal health, climate action, marriage equality, and economic inclusion. Did this all through leading by example, President Obama, through his measured, principled, and inspiring leadership. Serving a reminder to residents that there is hope in these trying times is the symbol of San Jose’s new boulevard.

Former President Barack Obama’s Leadership and Service to All

The leader of our city, today, in San Jose, does join with the community. With one voice, to recognize President Barack Obama for his amazing leadership and beyond capable service to all. Therefore, working together for the betterment of all is important, said Hellen Sims, Barack Obama Blvd Committee Chairperson. I’m also today thinking of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., when he said ‘Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.’

December 28, 2020

KBS Sells its Massive, Expansive Building for $50.5 Million

KBS on Monday has sold a 96,502-square-foot building at District 237. This is an eight-building, 415,492-square-foot, Class A office/R&D complex in San Jose, California. It is owned by KBS Real Estate Investment Trust II is at 350 Holger Way. It was sold to Thor Equities for $50.5 million. KBS is one of the largest investors in the premier commercial real estate in the nation.

KBS Building is Located on the North San Jose Submarket of the Silicon Valley

Formerly known as Corporate Technology Centre, District 237, is North San Jose submarket of the Silicon Valley. This area in Northern California is thought to be highly popular among office users. So says Giovanni (Gio) Cordoves, Western regional president for KBS.

KBS Property is in a Key Growth Market of the United States

Cordoves says North San Jose is one of the key growth markets in the U.S. He explained it was because part of those markets because it is adjacent to several Silicon Valley cities. They have tight vacancies such as Palo Alto and Mountain View. In fact, tech tenants like North San Jose. This is for good value in comparison to more higher-priced markets. Therefore, it’s easy to see how investors prize District 237 so much, even the fact, we are in the midst of a pandemic, Cordoves further explained.

Three-Story, Steel-Frame Building got a Remodel

A three-story, steel-frame building. It was overhauled in 2019. It is leasing through 2027. This building showcases broad glass lines and efficient floor plates. It has an outdoor amenity area. In addition, it has upgraded exteriors, landscaping and parking lot.

350 Holger Way has Superior Construction and Welcome Amenities

The 350 Holger Way includes best-in-class construction and attractive amenities. This is due to KBS’ important, current capital investment in the property. In fact, it is gearing for a positive risk-adjusted return in this submarket, said Brett Carroll. Carroll is an asset manager for District 237. He is also the senior vice president of KBS. Silicon Valley Class A office market is where the asset is. It is the best-performing markets in the country. In fact, it foretells well for the ongoing health of this property.

December 1, 2020 housing

Housing for Middle-Income Workers is the City’s Goal to Increase

Housing for Middle-Income Workers Needs to be Addressed by the City

Housing for middle-income wage earners, such as firefighters and teachers have often left out San Jose’s home equation. This is the focus of a new effort discussing at City Hall.

Homes for Middle-Income Workers Financed Through Bonds

Moreover, government purpose bonds to finance affordable homes could be the solution for middle-income earners. This is according to Councilmember Johnny Khamis said the city that becoming a member of the California Community Housing Agency (CalCHA).

It’s a Win for the People and the City Itself

“It’s a win for the people who are looking for affordable homes and a win for the city,” Khamis said. “It is because the city hasn’t built a single new low-income housing unit for a couple of years. Not a single one.”

The City has Fallen Short of Producing Workforce Housing

Although the city has approved housing for people in very-low income brackets, such as seniors and the homeless, Khamis said the city has fallen short in producing workforce housing for people earning 80% to 120% of the area median income (AMI).

“This program is exactly what we need and in the right time,” Khamis told San José Spotlight. “We see a lot of homelessness and everybody wants to solve that issue. Teachers, mechanics and restaurant workers are getting sidelined because they’re making a gainful living. They have being neglected.”

Therefore, CalCHA helps those who earn too much to qualify for traditional affordable homes yet not enough to live comfortably in the communities they work, said Scott Carper, program administrator for CalCHA.

Vince Rocha said CalCHA offers another tool in the toolshed of affordable homes. San Jose isn’t meeting housing demands. Rocha is a senior director of housing and community development of Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

“Otherwise, we’re leaving a whole segment of our workforce and residents out of the equation when we’re talking about affordability,” Rocha said.

CalCHA finances projects that provide, preserve and support affordable housing. Issuing governmental purpose bonds is key. Private investors buy California tax-free municipal bonds at favorable rates.

November 24, 2020 Christmas

Christmas Holiday Season To Be Met With A Likely Corona Vaccine

North America is fighting the terror that is the COVID-19 horror of 2020. In hindsight, we probably saw this coming a year ago this month. And did nothing to stop it. For shame… Luckily, the holiday season is approaching, and if there’s anything good to come from it, it’s a likely cure! (Or at least a limited edition vinyl press of The Cure’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.) This could be a great Christmas!

This is supposedly a merry and bright way of yuletide cheer. However, it could be helpful and it could be hurtful. This has the potential to make way for disaster in the food chain of supply chains. Don’t you wish Christmas truckers only had popcorn chains to be afraid of?

That’s the chilling message given by Paul Kroes. He’s the market insights leader for North America’s Thermos King. For years, they’ve condensed transportation industry data from several sources to indicate a challenging fourth quarter for a bothersome 2020.

The leading causes are 80,000 fewer drivers than last year and holiday hoarding, which means less stock on the shelf due to a combination of holiday demand and factories still recovering from shutdowns could cause consumer panic. Furthermore, holiday gatherings could spread the infection and create the need for more shutdowns.

Usually, when push comes to blow and there’s no bust but only snow, most carriers can only have a little distance to really go. And it’s not the extra capacity to handle the holiday crunch that’s got the industry fatigued. Yet, you know trouble is about to go down when months of waging war on COVID-19 becomes something like a “severe imbalance,” which spot rate data still staggeringly supports. Just look at what happened before! The last time spot rates were overtaken by contractual or fixed prices, trucking was experienced a never before known “Trump bump” in 2018, once the administration overtook the tax cuts that simply swept the nation.

November 10, 2020 residential sites

Residential Project Sites Could Turn into 200 Units of Affordable Housing

Residential project sites could produce more than 200 units of affordable housing. In fact, the affordable housing would be east of downtown San Jose near a future BART stop in what is the Bay Area’s largest city.

Residential Project Sites Are a Step Toward the Completion of the Affordable Homes

With the purchase of one of the two sites by a residential developer, this is a major step forward for the completion of the affordable homes. This is according to Santa Clara County property documents filed on November 6th.

They are located near the corner of East Santa Clara Street and North 21st Street. This is according to public records and the webpage of First Community Housing.

Affordable Housing is Near Mass Transit and Foot Traffic

According to Geoffrey Morgan, this is a great area for affordable housing. Morgan is the president of the San Jose First Community Housing. This organization’s principal mission is the development of affordable residences. Morgan says the residences have services, are transit, and pedestrian-friendly.

Purchased Properties for Affordable Housing

First Community Housing, acting through an affiliate called Stone North, has purchased the property at 995 E. Santa Clara St., county documents have shown. Moreover, the firm paid $5.5 million for the parcel, according to property records. Housing Trust Silicon Valley gave the financing for the purchase.

In addition, South Bay Sports Training & Batting Cages now operates on the site, which is approximately 0.4 acres.

Moreover, First Community Housing which already owns an adjoining parcel at 21 N 21st St. That lot, which is about 0.5 acres, is vacant.

Expanding the Supply of Housing Which is a Pressing Need for the Communities

“We want to increase our housing supply where it’s pertinent,” Morgan said.

Therefore, the two adjacent housing sites that First Community currently owns are east of downtown. Moreover, they are within a short distance from a BART station targeting to rise near Five Wounds Church.

Residential Sites Turned Into Affordable Residences

“We are getting good feedback about these projects,” Morgan said. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to continue to serve the Roosevelt Park neighborhood.”

Together, the two projects would develop into 205 affordable residences once done:

— At 995 E. Santa Clara St., First Community Housing intends to develop 125 affordable residences, Morgan said.

— The 21 N. 21st project would consist of 80 affordable residences, according to Morgan. The potential name is Roosevelt Park Apartments.

“Everyone understands how severe the housing crisis is right now,” Morgan said. “People are being generally supportive of our projects.”

October 22, 2020 outdoor dining

Outdoor Dining Downtown Crackdown

Outdoor dining service early Saturday night, October 3rd, was shut down. It was done by the police. This upset Downtown San Jose restaurants and businesses with San Jose officials over this move.

San Jose is now tweaking its Al Fresco program. They want to allow restaurants to use public outdoor spaces to stay open later. That would be in time for this weekend’s dining.

Outdoor Dining Services Faces Restrictions yet Again

The San Jose Police Department’s new downtown patrol team paid a “surprise” visit to restaurants on San Pedro Street in Downtown. They informed the restaurants to revert back to a previous policy with restrictions. The city’s Al Fresco program requires they wrap service to customers in public outdoor spaces by 10 p.m.

Earlier this summer, the street closed to vehicular traffic. It was under the city’s Al Fresco program. In fact, the street is one of the downtown area’s most popular nightlife centers. In turn, this program allows restaurants there to open up more tables for outdoor dining. The San Jose’s Al Fresco program states businesses could only serve customers in the newly-transformed outdoor spaces until 10 p.m. Yet the rule wasn’t enforced.

Restaurants are Trying to get as Many Sales as They can

Rachel Kaiser said they have never had cops come in. In turn, try to shut that down yet. Kaiser is the general manager of the District. This is a restaurant on San Pedro Street. Kaiser added they want to try to get as many sales as they can. Plus, she said additionally, closing something down on a busy street like ours is not something we’re going to do until we have to.

Urgent Letter to San Jose City Manager David Sykes

The Silicon Valley Organization and the San Jose Downtown Association said restaurants felt surprised at seeing law enforcement officials. As a result, they shut down their outdoor dining operations early. This was especially ironic after the county was moving to the state’s less-restrictive Orange Tier for reopening. This was in a letter to San Jose City Manager David Sykes on Monday. Therefore, the two business advocates urged the city to take “immediate action to allow local restaurants to serve customers now.” Because soon the winter season will soon come. In turn, they will lose this opportunity to save their local, small businesses.

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