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Pedestrian suffers serious injuries after hit-run crash in San Jose

In San Jose Police are looking for a driver who hit a male pedestrian near Santa Row. Then he fled the scene on Tuesday morning.

According to San Jose police, the pedestrian who is a 60-year-old man was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

As San Jose police Sgt. Enrique Garcia, who delivers newspapers for the Bay Area News group told was crossing Moorpark near S. Monroe Street when he was crushed by a dark-colored Toyota Camry. Then the driver continued on east Moorpark. Moorpark was closed for several hours between Monroe Street and S. Clover Avenue.

Anyone who has any information about the incident is asked to contact Police Department’s Traffic Investigations Unit of San Jose at 408-277-4654. Those who want their names not to be known can call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 408-947-STOP (7867). Those who will provide information which will lead to conviction and arrest of the suspect may be worthy for a cash reward from the Silicon Valley Crime Supporters.

Suspect is Searched for Stabbing of 7-Eleven Worker in San Jose

The police of San Jose released an investigation photo of a man who is suspecting of a robbery of beer from 7-Eleven. After that, he stabbed a worker chasing after him.
Police was reported about the incident on February 23, 12:18 a.m. at the 7-Eleven South White Road.
Furthermore, police said that besides of being stabbed, the clerk was kicked and hit by numerous other suspects. This is because he tried to tackle the supposed beer thief outside the store. Fortunately, the clerk’s wounds were not life intimidating.

The clerk came back to 7-Eleven and nearby the rear. After that numerous suspects entered the store and stole items and left in two cars.
The suspect who stabbed the clerk was described as 17-22 years old, Latino and clean shaven. In addition, in his right ear, he had a piercing. He was last seen wearing black tennis shoes with white ties as well as a black Golden State Warriors hat covered with small dots. The suspect wore a black Adidas jacket white pin striping on the arms.
The clerk was able to describe only the gateway cars. According to his description, the cars were black and white sedans.
Those who may know the suspect can contact the Police Department robbery unit of San Jose at 408-277-4166 or leave at the tip with Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers at 408-947-STOP (7867) or Tipsters may receive a cash reward.

San Jose Flooding Calls For Mandatory Evacuation For 14,000 People…. Still Not Safe To Come Back

With the heavy rains coming to a halt, residents of San Jose are still not allowed to go back into their homes. 14,000 people faced mandatory evacuation this week and about tens of thousands of more faced voluntary evacuation notices.

Residents reported sleeping in their cars and losing all their personal belongings, such as, clothes, photos, and shoes.

There are still no injuries reported as the water reached up to a several feet on some residential streets. Crews in boats spread out and rescued over 400 people. One firefighter was injured while rescuing some pets.

Anderson Dam, which is located southeast of San Jose, is at 103% capacity at the moment. The water level is 2.2 ft over the top of the spillway.

Coyote Creek has also become a means of investigation. It is a hue question for city officials as to why the creek had difficulty handling more water. The water level of the creek hit a historic high on Tuesday with 13.6 feet. Anything above 10 ft is considered a flooding hazard.

Residents were not only urged mandatory evacuate, they were warned to stir clear of the water. It is believed that the water is contaminated with fuel, oil, and sewage. The drinking water is deemed safe.

Officials will handle future storm events much more differently in the future. As for now, they need to focus on helping those in need before thinking about the changed that need to be made in disaster plans.



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42 % of California is No Longer In Drought!

Good news for Californians, after one of the worst national disasters in state history. Half of California, including the bay area, is no longer in drought. This occurrence has not happened in the last 4 years.

Looking back a year ago on this same week, only a small 3 percent of California was not in a drought. This year, 42 percent of California is not in drought, all thanks to the endless amount of rain this winter.

From the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Oregon border, which is nearly all of Northern California, has now returned to normal water conditions. Although, important areas of the state such as Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties and San Joaquin Valley from Merced to Bakersfield are still classified as areas in extreme drought. This is due to the fact that these areas received far less rainfall than Northern California. These locations are still having difficulties regarding depleted reservoirs and significantly low water levels.

There are 6 levels of drought intensity, no drought, abnormally dry, moderate drought severe drought, and extreme drought being the worst. Over 28 percent of California is now in extreme drought which is significantly better than last year since it went down from 69 percent.

In 2011, the California drought started to take its toll. During the last 5 years, California has seen the driest period since it came about in 1850. Aside from dried up wells and falling reservoir levels, these conditions became a reason for the death of an estimated 102 million trees in Sierra Nevada.

The last week, California suffered with one of its strongest and wettest storms in the last 6 years. Northern California has received 15 to 25 percent of its annual average rainfall in the last 7 days.

California has improved greatly since 2011, we are hoping it continues to improve.

Deadly Blaze At A Warehouse in Oakland Leaves 36 Dead… Search For More Bodies Stopped

One of the deadliest fires in California took place on Friday night in a warehouse in Oakland. 36 people have been pronounced dead. Most of the bodies were found near the center of the building.

On Friday night, a huge blaze broke out in the back of the warehouse during an electronic music party at a Fruitvale district live-work space occupied by an arts collector. The fire spread so quickly that getting out became hard and it was hard for survivors to pull out others. People jumped out of windows because there was no other way out.

After 52 hours of nonstop working, firefighters stopped searching for bodies near midnight because the search crew discovered a sign of instability in one of the walls. Due to this structural weakness, the Oakland Fire Dept. Chief does not want to put more lives at risk.

Seventy percent of the building has been searched.  Firefighters hope to resume the search of the remaining thirty percent of the building after the building has been stabilized. The number of fatalities is expected to increase. For now some bodies have been identified.

Cash Askew – 22

David Cline – 23

Travis Hough – 35

Derma Kellog – 32

Sara Hoda – 30

Brandon Chase Wittenauer – 32

Nick Gomez- Hall – 25

Draven McGill – 17 (youngest victim)

It can take weeks to identify all the victims through dental and DNA records.

A vigil will take place Monday night at Oakland’s Lake Meritt. Mourners have been asked to bring flameless candles, flashlights, and glo-sticks to the vigil.

Average Home Price in San Jose Reached $1 Million

According to the new data by National Association of Realtors, San Jose has become the first city in the USA where the median home price has reached $1 million and is at $1,085,000 now.

San Francisco, known for astronomic home prices, follows San Jose on the list, with the median home price of $885,600 which is $199,400 less than in San Jose.

home pricesThe home prices increased in 83% of American cities in the second quarter of the year showing a 4% decrease from the first quarter when the prices rose in 87% of metro areas.

According to the released data, 25 of 178 cities saw double-digit increases, compared with 28 cities in the first quarter. In the same period last year, there were 34 cities. That may be a sigh that the market starts to cool. Nevertheless, the prices still hit the record in the second quarter with national median at $240,700 and it is 4.9% higher than on the same period last year. The main reason for this is the increases in California and the Pacific Northwest.

The mortgage rates are at their lowest in three years, and the national median income has experienced a slight increase, but it hasn’t made buying a home more affordable. To make a 5% down payment, you would need an income of $52,255 to but a single family home at the national average price.

Aside from San Jose and San Francisco, the most expensive housing markets are Anaheim-Santa Ana, Honolulu, Hawaii and San Diego.

Another Teenager Arrested After Trump’s Rally In San Jose

Another teenager was arrested Thursday, June 9, after Donald Trump’s rally in San Jose that took place on June 2. A day earlier, three teenagers were arrested after several people had been assaulted during the Republican candidate’s rally for acts of violence.

trumpThe suspect is a 16-year old boy from San Jose. He was arrested on Thursday for battery with a gang enhancement and vandalism of private property. He is suspected of two incidents of physical assault. According to the police, one of the attacks had gang overtones. The suspect’s name was not released because he is a minor.

Trump and his supporters criticized the department and Mayor Sam Liccardo on social media for not doing their job properly to protect people at the rally. Trump called the protesters “illegals” and “thugs”.

On Tuesday, the department released the names of four people arrested during the event. The search for suspects continued and on Wednesday three teenagers were arrested. Two of them, 16 and 17 years old, residents of San Jose, were suspected of felony assault with a deadly weapon. The other teenage boy, a 16-year-old boy from Milpitas, was arrested for misdemeanor battery.

Mayor Liccargo went on Twitter and condemned assaults but also noted that it is a pity that violence seems to follow Trump to all cities he visits.

Bernie Sanders Visits San Jose


Bernie Sanders, Democratic Presidential candidate, held a rally in San Jose on May 18, hoping to get more people on his side in the heated competition Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders won Oregon primary just a day earlier and it was the 20th primary win for the senator. The Kentucky primary brought victory to Clinton. Her total number of delegates now is 2,293 making her closer to the 2,383 delegates she needs to become the Democratic Party nominee.

California has 475 delegates, more than any other state. The primary is scheduled for June 7th, and Bernie Sanders promised that he will not give up the race until the final votes are counted, even though math is on Hillary Clinton’s side.

Bernie Sanders stays popular among young voters. He says that they understand they are the future of the United States.

San Jose Traffic is one of the worst in the US

According to the statistics published by TomTom, traffic in San Jose hasn’t got any worse since 2014. The bad news about it is that it was horrible in 2014 and still is. The traffic in San Jose adds 30% of the travel time making it the 5th most congested city in the country and 51st in the world.

trafficThis data has been gathered through GPS equipment installed in personal vehicles around the world. According to the findings, California has three of the most congested cities in the United States: in addition to San Jose, Los Angeles is on the top of the list (and also the 10th most congested city in the world), and San Francisco is the 2nd. But still, comparing to San Francisco, morning and afternoon traffic in San Jose is worse, and that is actually what really counts.

Morning commute in San Jose is the 2nd worst in the United States after Los Angeles, and afternoon commute is the 3rd with Los Angeles being the 2nd. San Jose is also one of the cities where traffic remained constant over a period of one year.

In the six cities congestion got worse. These cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Nashville. In five cities traffic situation got better. For instance, travel time decreased by 3% in Honolulu.

Still, congestion in San Jose is not the worst in the world. The first position in the international congestion list belongs to Mexico City where the added time is 59%. It goes up 4% every year. Morning and afternoon traffic there is truly awful with the added time of 97% and 94%. Other cities on the list are Bangkok, Istanbul and Lodz, Poland.

Apple VS FBI: Private Safety or Public Safety?

The debates over iPhone encryption have been going on for a while now, and Apple has agreed that it is up to Congress now to decide who can access your personal digital data. At FBI they say that Apple’s security is like a vicious guard dog, while the cell phone maker is dedicated to protecting consumers privacy.

The debates started when FBI asked Apple to unlock the iPhone used by a shooter responsible for deadly shooting in San Bernardino that happened in December. Apple says that FBI asked them to weaken the security of their products and it is not right to make the society less safe in general in order to solve a crime.

After attention has shifted from the courts to Congress, the deep disagreement between the Obama administration and the Silicon Valley became obvious, even though the government is set for open dialogue.

In Brooklyn, the administration did not make Apple give them access to a phone tied to a drug case. But in California a magistrate judge directed the company to assist FBI with hacking into the phone used by one of San Bernardino shooters responsible for death of 14 people. The phone is an iPhone 5C and a health inspector Syed Farook was the one who used it. He and his wife died in a gun battle with the police.

appleIt is time for Congress to get involved deciding this issue between public safety and private safety.

The FBI wants special software that would hack into encrypted phones and help access their data. If Apple provides the FBI with such software, it would only take 26 minutes to test postcodes in quick succession bypassing security protocols.

There was a mistake when the FBI asked the county that owned the phone to reset the iCloud password. If the password was not reset, the investigators could have reached a fresh back-up of the phone and examine it. Still, there is no way to get all the data from the back-up.

Darrel Issa, a Republican Rep of California, wonders if the FBA asked Apple to provide the source code (underlying software) before forcing the phone maker into creating a tool to hack their own security. He also thinks the FBI did not do everything possible to resolve the problem before going to court. Issa also said that while the government was dedicated to resolving the issue, Apple did not offer any alternatives to help them with that.

There are now 205 phones that can’t be used in criminal investigation because investigators cannot access them.

As the technologies of encryption and security keep developing, it is possible that it is time for law enforcement to find a new way to gather evidence. People should be able to trust the devices they use with their private information. Companies must secure their customers, not spy on them, but if the government prevails, not much can be done to prevent it.