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October 16, 2020 Einride

Einride Trucking Start-Up Unveiled Brand New Electric Driverless Trucks

The Swedish trucking start-up Einride has recently shown a new line of electric, driverless freight trucks without a cab that can be controlled remotely.

This Thursday, Einride put its line of Pod commercial freight trucks on display in anticipation to get on the road in 2021. Aiming their perogative at companies in transition from traditional diesel trucks, Einride thinks the new Pod trucks are the “future of freight.”

Einride‘s certain these trucks will assist companies in cutting their fuel costs by 70%. Therefore reducing carbon emissions up to 90%.

Founded way back in 2016, the Stockholm-based Einridesuccessfully made an early prototype of electric, autonomous trucks in 2019. These were intent on delivering goods on public Swedish roads. The T-Pod was given temporary regulatory approval to navigate on public roads for stretches without speeding out of their boundaries. Einride is still securing full regulatory approvals for more Pod trucks to drive on publicly, faster.

Truck driving a leading profession in the world today. But it’s running low on fuel. At the end of 2017, the U.S. were missing about 51,000 truck drivers, so says the American Trucking Association. Nowadays, there can only be less truckers. Furthermore, six percent of those U.S. truck drivers are female-indicative. That’s half of the workforce disappearing out of thin air.

Einride’s Pretty Positive This Will Work

Einride believes implementing remote autonomous truck operators will do some good, however. Through Autonomous Electric Transport (AET), the company might be able to:

  • Slash fuel/energy costs by 70% with AET solutions
  • Cut down operation costs up to 60%, increasing productivity by 200%. This being a reason to lengthen time spent autonomously driving
  • Rid CO2 all the way up to 90%

“We are excited to open up an entirely new category of jobs that will not only benefit the industries currently employees with improved hours, working conditions, and knowledge but reinvigorate a dying employment sector for the next wave of job seekers.” This is what Robert Falck, founder, and CEO of Einride. 

Einride | October 14th, 2020
September 28, 2020 Canoo

Canoo Displays Their Electric Vehicle Go-Kart For All To Envy

Driving a car is nice. Driving a truck is nicer. But there’s nothing quite like driving a go-kart. I speak this from experience. Oh, my God. It’s the most amazing feeling to start up the engine, feel the wind blow through your hair and narrowly avoid minivans as you round the neighborhood. It made me feel like the coolest kid in the neighborhood to have that machine at my disposal. I was King Of The Road with that monster powering me through grass and asphalt. Therefore, to drive a go-kart is a tremendous honor and an even bigger responsibility. So in this era, you have to not only match up a proper driver to the machine, but make the machine proper to match with. Luckily, Canoo was able to create just that type of go-kart.

Certainly, one with electric capabilities could be just as fun. And Canoo knows something about fun. The newly-public EV company posted a video of their “skateboard platform,” a fully-operational electric chassis vehicle. It’s decidedly cabin-less for the purpose of showing the finesse of the vehicle. It was driven in this video by X Games Racer, Sara Price.

Price said this of the Canoo’s “skatecart,” lauding it’s abilities: “The overall performance was impressive. [It] felt powerful, with smooth and dynamic handling.”

What Does This Mean For Canoo?

With a self-contained package that offers a bit of something for everyone, the kart’s steer-by-wire system and thermal management set-up is a demo of sorts. Everything that anyone would need to drive is already set-up within the rolling chassis of the kart. Furthermore, this may prove to be helpful for Hyundai, who has assisted Canoo in developing specs of this kart with appropriate funding. They anticipate to get this kart, with customizable changes for different cabins, out on the streets soon.

Canoo | September 24th, 2020
September 8, 2020 Hike Camper

Hike Camper Update: Winnebago

If you’re looking over options to adventure, Winnebago offers a Hike Camper that is perfect for the occasion.

Not only is the overlanding trailer small enough for your travels, but it’s also affordable compared to most. The HIKE starts at $27,513.

The HIKE can sleep three people. The camper provides all the necessities you may need during your time away from home.

The towable build makes for convenience. The new update has made the exterior styling superb for active outdoor lifestyles.

The Hike, with a raised suspension, comes in 20-foot-eight-inch and 25-foot floor plans. The camper comes with off-road tires and heavy-duty fenders for the rougher roads.

The storage system is also super flexible. The exoskeleton allows for kayaks, bikes, and other gear tools to attach to the camper securely. This enables a more stress-free trip. The exoskeleton allows the owners to get creative with bungee cords and clips, rather than buy a Thule-branded roof rack.

In pertains to the interior, the floor plans are versatile. You can pick from five, depending on what fits with your lifestyle. What’s also a plus is that all of the plans provide a roadside slide-out. This makes more room inside when the camper isn’t in motion.

To add to more of the wow factors, the appliances all come with it. The dinette converts to a sleeping place, in addition to the bed that can sleep two.

The 25-foot models (there are two) provide an exterior cook-top and sink that pulls out alongside the camper. This is perfect for cookouts with the family!

Hike Camper Accommodates the Disabled

Yes, you read that correctly! The new and improved Hike Camper does in fact help families with a disabled family member. Ryan D’Agostino has a son in a wheelchair. He talks about what the camper did for his family:

If we need to stop at a rest stop or for food, we have to completely unpack the car to get him out, then put everything back in, go inside, come back out, unpack the car again, wheel him in, then re-re-pack. I don’t mean for this to sound like a complaint, because we’d do anything for the boy, and it isn’t really a burden, but—it’s kind of stressful, I’m not gonna lie. In the Winnebago, not having to do this was one of the biggest sources of relief.

August 5, 2020 mobile app

Trucking Mobile App Makes Drivers’ Lives Easier

A new trucking mobile app provides truck drivers with important information while on the road. DAT Solutions (DAT) recently released an app that helps drivers plan their route amid the chaos of the pandemic.

The company is calling the app DAT One. It’s currently free in the Apple app store and Google Play Store. VIP Nadya Duke Boone said, “This new app is designed to help drivers navigate the uncertainty of the freight market by giving them a single place to find the tools they need most.”

With so many unknowns in the world right now, drivers can benefit from having so much information at the tips of their fingers.

Trucking Mobile App Services

The app does a great many things. But at its core, it’s designed to help drivers find and book loads that need moving. With DAT One, drivers can view available parking for their vehicles, as well as detailed tracking maps. The app highlights top-rated truck stops give information on local fuel prices and will flag weigh stations. It also includes markers for rest areas, hotels, and local truck services. Drivers can track nearby loads and receive assistance in scheduling and mapping delivery.

Both larger enterprises and individual operations can benefit from the information available. Truck drivers that want to be independent can might enjoy the app’s filing services. You can use the app free for a month and will receive a 10% discount for life. DAT One takes care of filing both states and federal permits and offers guidance for independent drivers.

You’ll also be able to connect to brokers with CarrierWatch. An alert system lets you know when things change within your network and the app provides a searchable database of both active and inactive carriers. The company aptly named DAT One, as it’s a one-stop-shop for many trucking needs.

July 3, 2020 July 4th

Best July 4th Family Movies

Stuck inside this July 4th weekend? We know it feels like a bummer. But there are still ways to enjoy yourself and celebrate! We’ve gathered four of our favorite family-friendly movies. Enjoy Independence Day a new way this year.

What to Watch this July 4th

The pandemic is impacting families all over America. And orders to shelter-in-place or else avoid large public gatherings are also taking their toll. Children have lots of energy. And with their tiny growing minds, they also often require a great deal of stimulation.

To help with both of these burdens, we’ve tried to find movies for all age groups. We’ve also narrowed down our options to movies that are already free with a subscription to one of three major streaming services. If you have Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Disney+, you’re in luck! If not, consider looking into their free trial services.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Older kids and teens can be hard to please. Many of them are aware of what is current and what is dated. They like to engage with trendy, modern movies. And storylines that are geared towards younger crowds may bore them. Captain America: The First Avenger has appeal to a wide range of audiences. It inspires laughter, it has great action sequences, and it’s rated PG-13. Watch it tomorrow on Amazon Prime Video!

The Sandlot

The Sandlot may feel like a throwback. However, it still stands up to the test of time. This movie will have kids and parents alike laughing out loud. It works as a baseball flick and a coming of age story. Plus it includes an iconic fireworks scene! Sit back this 4th of July and watch the boys play baseball as fireworks light up the sky over their heads. The Sandlot is rated PG. You can watch it with a Hulu subscription.

An American Tail

An American Tail follows Fievel, a mouse in search of his family and the great American Dream. This movie focuses on the immigrant’s journey and how America became a nation of many different cultures. So if you want something fun but informative, this is your train stop. Families with young children will especially enjoy this classic, as it’s rated G and available on both Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.


If you’ve checked your social media feed recently, you’ve probably seen someone talking about Disney+ dropping Hamilton today. This version features the Original Broadway Production, with nearly all original cast members. It has some crass language in it but the producers and writers cut down on expletives to be able to stream on Disney+. The story follows the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton. It covers topics such as the American Revolution, what it means to build a democracy, and how history remembers us all. Modern musical references and a whole lot of swagger make this a standout. Plus, the diverse ensemble sparked important discussions about how we cast media today.

Stay Safe!

Time together might seem abundant right now. But time is the one thing we can never get back. So spend yours as joyfully as you can manage this holiday weekend.

June 16, 2020 san jose international airport

San Jose International Airport Hit by Covid-19

San Jose International Airport typically sees millions of passengers passing through each year. Specifically, 2018 saw 14.3 million flyers. In 2019, 15.7 million passengers used the airport. But with pandemic-related shutdowns, the airport is seeing a jaw-dropping decrease in activity.

In April of 2019, 1.3 million people passed through the airport. In April of 2020? 37,600 people. That decrease measures out to a whopping 97.1%. Signs of a downturn began as early as March 2020 with 508,100 flyers. March and April’s drop in numbers has affected the airport’s first quarter of business. At 2.81 million travelers in the first four months of 2020, this year’s commerce is already down 39.4%.

San Jose International Airport: Where Is Everyone?

It should be noted that the coronavirus has deeply impacted nearly all air travel. At the virus’ peak, nations began shutting down their borders. Countries refused flights to non-citizens. Thus, the total number of people traveling at all came to a grinding halt.

Forbes projects that Covid-19 could cost airlines up to $113 billion. Other sources cite even higher numbers.

Because of Shelter in Place orders, even domestic travel has slowed considerably. The risk of catching the virus climbs with public exposure. People are scared to leave their homes. Nonessential businesses have closed their doors.

As states begin to reopen, we may see numbers begin to climb again. Airfare is currently much lower than usual. Still, even that is subject to change and could impact flight statistics. The rules about social distancing, for instance, mean flights cannot sell to their full capacity. Eventually, as people return to the skies, we may see ticket prices increase due to this.

Given so many unknowns, it’s hard to predict when SJ International will hit its stride again. We still have a long way to go in protecting ourselves against the coronavirus. Some people are speculating that air travel may never return to exactly what it was before.

May 8, 2020 oil

Big Oil Expected to Reach $100 Per Barrel

Big Oil is expected to bounce back in the next 18 months. With the current global crisis putting a glug in the pipeline, gas prices have been lower than $0 per barrel in some places.

Countries Dual For Oil

At the beginning of the year, both Saudi Arabia and Russia went into a production war. This meant each country would be able to remove the limitations on how much they could produce.

With the events unfolding, each country wanted to be the largest producer. Things were going well until a major stick with thrown into the spoke of consumers.

COVID-19 Crashed Industry

COVID-19 is currently sweeping across the globe. With each country enacting “stay-at-home” policies, this means limited driving (if any) and a travel band in and out of certain countries.

With so many people staying inside, gas purchases were down disparagingly. This did not stop either country from making a cut to their production. While many other oil companies around the world were scrambling to find extra storage for their fuel, Saudi Arabia and Russia kept production rolling.

The industry took such a huge hit that for a time, the price for one barrel of crude oil was less than $0.

With so little demand and such a high surplus, things were looking dire. The virus had inadvertently crushed many businesses and the closing of some major benchmark companies began to happen.

Fortunately, the future is in sight for the world. With many largely effected areas now flattening their curve, lesser restrictions have been made for traveling.

People are going back to work and thus need to refuel their vehicles. The process will take time, but it will evolve with the slowly lessening of current travel restrictions. Until then, oil will have to sit back and wait for the surplus to be sold off before they can adjust their prices.

April 20, 2020 travel prices

Travel Prices Continue To Drop

Travel prices are so low that many are looking to take this opportunity to check out different parts of the country as well as the world. Now, we here do not condone any sort of unnecessary traveling, but for those who are willing to brave the current crisis, they have seized the opportunity.

Travel Prices Are Low…Real Low

As of right now, the current round trip cost for flying from Los Angeles to Boston is approximately $200. The price has dropped by 1/3rd as to the normal price. Due to everyone staying at home during this crisis the airline industry is trying every measure to make sure people are still taking flights…despite that not being a relatively good idea.

Who Is Still Flying?

For the brave souls daring to take the trip, many are younger. For some, their income revolves around traveling. Social media influencers have been packing their bags to show you what life is like in other countries. Many have taken the opportunity to do their own intensive style of journalism.

For others, traveling to other countries is just another day. Business leaders and many others are still currently using these cheap flights to scout areas as well as maintain business operations with partners across the world.

What You Can Do To Stay Safe While Flying

One of the major benefits of traveling by plane right now is the increase in the room. From not having to sit in the middle seat, to having a lack of people overall on the plane, many are finding it relatively easy to travel. Much like commuting to work and back during COVID-19, the amount of those venturing outside of their house is low. So low, that only essential business like trucking and maintenance are currently out on the roads. The same goes for flying. The best way to stay safe is to follow these few steps:

Find Your Own Seat

This is actually pretty easy. Again, the only people who are currently flying are those who do for work. This means that there are plenty of vacant seats and even entire rows. No more middle seat for anyone. In fact, in some instances, there have only been a few people on 100+ seat planes! Remember, social distancing is key!

Wear A Mask

Face protection is one of the most important items to carry with you while traveling. Although masks are scarce, there are plenty of people making masks in their own homes and donating the proceeds to charity. Many are reusable and can be machine washed!

Bringing Hand Wipes/ Sanitizer

Continuously washing your hands with soap and water as well as carrying a large supply of hand wipes can help you when traveling under the extreme circumstances that we are in!

We get it. Although it is best to stay safe at your home, the need to continue to work is also important. If you must travel due to work, then do so carefully.

March 30, 2020 home charging

Home Charging While In Self-Isolation

Home charging has been on the minds of many since self-isolation has been put into place. With so many now working from home, the methods of charging have changed. It used to be simple. When you were done driving for the day, you would put your car in the garage, plug it in and let it sit overnight. Now that fewer cars are being utilized and many have been sitting in one place for extended periods of time, we have put together a shortlist of optimal charging methods in order to ensure your car battery life maintains its performance.

Keeping Regular Battery Charged

While almost all standard EV’s get their power from the massive battery underneath the car, the regular components such as the radio and other electronics still require a 12-volt battery. This battery requires the same maintenance that standard ICE cars and trucks use. In order to maintain optimal performance, it is a good idea to keep the car running. Once a day, simply take the car for a spin. This doesn’t require you to get out of the car (maybe if you are ordering take-out). Daily drives around the block will ensure the battery remains charged.

Do Not Over Charge

Overcharging can be one of the most harmful things you can do to an EV. Much like your cell-phone, leaving it plugged into a charger for longer than required will often put a strain on the battery. Also much like a cell phone, these batteries are lithium-ion. This is the exact same battery that a cell phone uses and will overheat and tire out over time if not properly cared for. Most car companies will tell you that an 80% charge is the optimal capacity. Any higher and your battery will slowly lose its effective range.

Keep Car In Cool Area

Ever get into your car on a hot day and realize you left your cell phone in it? The battery life can be sapped extensively. The same thing will happen to your car if you leave it sitting in the sun too long. This might not be the case for a lot of places, but in places like Los Angeles where “Hot and Sunny” dominates the weather forecast, keeping it in the garage is the most optimal idea. These same practices go out to those who live in colder temperatures. Avoid fast charging while temperatures are below freezing. The best way is to keep your car in a relatively temperature-controlled environment.

Home Charging Sweet Spot

The most optimal way to continue the high performance of your EV is “slow and low”. This means that avoiding fast-charging stations and charging your car at home is the best method. Don’t drive your car all the way down to zero and fast charge it all the way up to 100. The best sweet spot for charging is from 25% to 75% using standard overnight charging systems like the one in your house. This, on top of keeping it in a room-temperature environment, will maintain the performance of your EV for years to come.

All of these steps can be regulated while working from home. Before and after work can be the best time to check on your vehicle while you are staying inside safe and sound. This allows you to take the time to better care for your vehicle under the right circumstances.

March 9, 2020 electric cars

Electric Cars and The Future of The Industry

Electric cars are here to stay. With many companies rolling out their first generation of EVs, consumers are more than willing to make the switch. With many speculations as to how the industry will ebb-and-flow, consumers are interested in the changing automotive game.

Electric Cars Require Less Maintenance

Oil changes, fuel line repairs, and many other factors will inherently decline as many move away from standard combustion engines. Fewer moving parts equals fewer variables in the motor of a car. Basic Maintenence for vehicles will decrease, which can also mean that your local Jiffy Lube might take a hit with their employment. For those that stay to see the electric car market in full force, will adapt to the new and emerging trends.

Lower to Null Emissions

Emissions standards will be a thing of the past. With many states enforcing stricter emissions standards, many have already felt the noose tighten on their standard combustion vehicle. By offering an alternative in the form of tax deductions for electric vehicles, many have been able to put their old gas-powered vehicles up on the used market, and have put the down payment on a new Tesla.

Gen-1 Release of Electric Cars

Many of the big named automotive manufacturers have stepped up their electric endeavors to provide consumers with their first line of EVs. As we have yet to see many of these hit the roads, most companies are confident in the standards set by pioneering companies like Toyota and Tesla. GM, who had developed the world’s first electric car, has been hard at work reinventing not only the car but the electric motor itself. The company plans to be a major competitor to the Tesla line. Introducing 10 new electric vehicles to the market by 2021. The company has proven that owning an umbrella of the world’s leading vehicles can produce some large-scale results.

Electric Truck Market

One of the largest deterrents of the EV industry is the power output. Where most electric cars have been produced to look like toys, truck owners have been steered away. This is a legitimate excuse for not making the switch. I mean, cmon, you aren’t going to roll up to the job site with a Nissan Leaf full of lumber, are you? No. Thus, the development of tougher, longer-lasting, and harder pushing vehicle shave seen their debut. The Tesla Cybertruck, albeit goofy and angular, showed the world what electric energy can do against a standard F-150. Now, the demonstration pitted the Cybertruck in a towing match against an F-150 which isn’t the strong point of the truck as its a “hauler” and not a towing vehicle, but the idea still remains. Electric energy can boast some power.

For those in the truck department who don’t want to shell out big bucks for an impractical looking vehicle, GM has also released its efforts into its HUMMER program. The HUMMER EV outclasses the Cybertruck in almost every possible way. So for someone who is looking for all the benefits of electric in the size of a pickup, this one might just be for you. There is now a Hummer making a turn onto electric avenue says a lot about power speculation.

The Industry Is Making Strides

Over the course of a few years, the industry has made massive strides. From commuter vehicles to pickups, electric has moved into every avenue. This major flex has proven that electric is here to stay. Every year, auto manufacturers will be developing performance technology to suit market needs. Now, if only we can get used market speculation.

The efforts put forth are what dictates the rest of the industry.

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