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Canoo September 28, 2020

Canoo Displays Their Electric Vehicle Go-Kart For All To Envy

Driving a car is nice. Driving a truck is nicer. But there’s nothing quite like driving a go-kart. I speak this from experience. Oh, my God. It’s the most amazing feeling to start up the engine, feel the wind blow through your hair and narrowly avoid minivans as you round the neighborhood. It made me feel like the coolest kid in the neighborhood to have that machine at my disposal. I was King Of The Road with that monster powering me through grass and asphalt. Therefore, to drive a go-kart is a tremendous honor and an even bigger responsibility. So in this era, you have to not only match up a proper driver to the machine, but make the machine proper to match with. Luckily, Canoo was able to create just that type of go-kart.

Certainly, one with electric capabilities could be just as fun. And Canoo knows something about fun. The newly-public EV company posted a video of their “skateboard platform,” a fully-operational electric chassis vehicle. It’s decidedly cabin-less for the purpose of showing the finesse of the vehicle. It was driven in this video by X Games Racer, Sara Price.

Price said this of the Canoo’s “skatecart,” lauding it’s abilities: “The overall performance was impressive. [It] felt powerful, with smooth and dynamic handling.”

What Does This Mean For Canoo?

With a self-contained package that offers a bit of something for everyone, the kart’s steer-by-wire system and thermal management set-up is a demo of sorts. Everything that anyone would need to drive is already set-up within the rolling chassis of the kart. Furthermore, this may prove to be helpful for Hyundai, who has assisted Canoo in developing specs of this kart with appropriate funding. They anticipate to get this kart, with customizable changes for different cabins, out on the streets soon.

Canoo | September 24th, 2020

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