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January 18, 2021

Barack Obama Boulevard is a Newly Named Street

Barack Obama Boulevard is the new addition to San Jose’s Streets. The announcement recently made by Mayor Liccardo who was joined by Vice Mayor Chappie Jones, members of the Barack Obama Boulevard Committee. 

Barack Obama Boulevard Proposal

The Barack Obama Boulevard Committee and aided by Mayor Liccardo and Vice Mayor Jones originated a proposal to rename portions of Bird Avenue, South Montgomery Street, South Autumn Street, and North Autumn Street to Barack Obama Boulevard. It was unanimously approving at a recent council meeting. In fact, renaming this prominent portion of San Jose’s street will honor the service, leadership, and legacy of the 44th President.

Former President’s Legacy

In fact, different messages to each of us are what the legacy of President Barack Obama to the millions of children, a promise of America’s limitless possibility, to those with greying hair, a symbol of progress along the big arc from the nation’s history of racial injustice, said Mayor Liccardo.

Moreover, Barack Obama represented a model of leadership that rose above the petty politics of the moment. This is from my own first meeting with the then-Senator. He lifted the gaze of an entire nation in its most bleak moments. In fact, we hope that his legacy will inspire future generation as he has inspired our own. The many community members have urged that we name this street.

A Pioneer and Great Leader

Former President Obama’s accomplishments are well renowned. So the renaming celebrates these valuable assets he gave to grateful Americans during his tenure in the White House. It included universal health, climate action, marriage equality, and economic inclusion. Did this all through leading by example, President Obama, through his measured, principled, and inspiring leadership. Serving a reminder to residents that there is hope in these trying times is the symbol of San Jose’s new boulevard.

Former President Barack Obama’s Leadership and Service to All

The leader of our city, today, in San Jose, does join with the community. With one voice, to recognize President Barack Obama for his amazing leadership and beyond capable service to all. Therefore, working together for the betterment of all is important, said Hellen Sims, Barack Obama Blvd Committee Chairperson. I’m also today thinking of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., when he said ‘Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.’

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