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An Overnight Crash with Semi-Trucks Caused Serious Traffic on I-5 in California

CALIFORNIA — An overnight crash in the Fort Tejon area involving multiple semi-trucks and passenger vehicles is causing serious traffic delays on the northbound 5 Freeway, according to California transportation officials.


california crash trafficThe initial crash happened last night around 9 p.m. in the northbound lanes of I-5 at the East Escape Ramp when two semi-trucks collided, causing one of them to overturn. This crash resulted in a fire and caused traffic backups, according to the local news.


A secondary crash occurred when a semi-truck failed to slow for the traffic created by the initial crash and hit as many as 10 other vehicles.


Only minor injuries have been reported.


The crash caused serious traffic delays, with one truck driver telling local news that it took him five hours to travel a mile and a half. Transportation officials shut down both directions of I-5 following the crash. The southbound lanes reopened around midnight.


Traffic delays of two hours have been reported this morning. Crews are working to clear the crash and reopen the northbound lanes of I-5. There is no clear information when it will happen.


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