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July 18, 2018

A 21-Year-Old Man in the Emergency Room after Downtown San Jose Shooting

san jose shootingSAN JOSE, California — The shooting near downtown San Jose left a 21-year-old man fighting for his life, according to San Jose Police Department.

The man is in the emergency room receiving treatment at the Valley Medical Center and Police are also there at this moment.

His family brought him to O’Connor Hospital first where doctors decided that his injuries were life-threatening and sent him in an ambulance to Valley Medical, police said.

The victim’s family followed the ambulance to the hospital. Police are interviewing them for more information about what happened.

So far, all police know is that he was shot “somewhere north of downtown,” possibly in the area of Julian and Washington streets.

When asked if the victim is predicted to survive police replied, “We don’t know yet.”

There is no additional information available about the incident at this time. The shooting is being investigated.

This was the second overnight shooting in San Jose Tuesday night. If you have more information about it, you are asked to contact with San Jose Police Department.

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