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San Jose stabbed man September 7, 2018

28-Year-Old Father Was Fatally Stabbed in Front of His House in San Jose

San Jose, California—-A man was killed right outside his home with his wife and two young boys inside. A tragedy happened on Sunday, in a distinct part of San Jose.

A family of a stabbed man is in deep grief. They are trying to find answers for this cruel incident.

The stabbed man was identified as Frankie Santos Jr, 28 –year-old.

According to his family, the day he was stabbed, he came home at about 1.30 a.m. after attending a Fantasy Football party.

Sky, Santo’s wife told the police about a truck on Raymond Avenue that she saw approaching the vehicle with the lights turned off.

Santo’s wife said the guy was wearing a Raider. Sky ran out of the house as soon as she heard screaming. She found her husband struggling to breathe.

The wife of a stabbed husband was terrified. She said she was scared because she could tell he was not responding, but he was still there with the fluttering eyes.

Frankie Santos was taken to the hospital, where an hour later he was pronounced dead.

Police are looking for two suspects associated with a dark, full-size GMC or Chevrolet truck. The police still don’t know the motive for the stabbing. The victim’s wife said he was not involved in anything.

She said they were always going to work, gym and home.

Frankie Santos father said he was a family person, who always took care of the family.

Erica Rego, victim’s mother said she wants resolution, she wants justice. Anybody with the information about the murder will be rewarded up to 5000 by his family.

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